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S.No Authors Title Journal Volume Issue Page Numbers Impact factor (provided by JCR only) Year
1 Marasani Anil, SwarnaLatha D, Eswar Kumar Phytochemical, Antioxidant, Anti-stress and Cerebro-protective activity of ethyl acetate extract of bark of Entadarheedi International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences 10(3), 1612-1620 2019
2 S.Nalini, S.ChandBasha, T.S.M.Saleem In-vitro Pharmacological Evaluation of sulforaphane from Brassica oleracea TMR Integrative Medicine 3(e19012), 1-6 2019
3 T S Mohamed Saleem, K Jyothi, S Chandra babu A case report on Nevirapine induced exfoliative dermatitis Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Vol.32, No.1, pp.221-222 2019